State owned Sites Cleanup Program

Contact: Ronald Smedley 517-242-9048
Agency: Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy

Purpose: Public Act 380 of 1996 amended Part 201, Environmental Remediation, of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, PA 451 of 1994, by adding Section 20108c and creating the State Sites Cleanup Fund (SSCUF) and the State Sites Cleanup Program (SSCUP). Its intent was to fund environmental cleanups at contaminated sites where the state is a liable party as an owner or operator of the site, as defined in Section 20126 of Part 201.

Program Funding: Section 20108c of Part 201 provided a process for the expenditure of $20,000,000 that was originally appropriated under 1994 PA 265 to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR), and subsequently transferred to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). The fund was augmented by an additional appropriation of $10,000,000 in FY 1997 and again in 2002, when the Michigan Department of Management and Budget (DMB) repaid $965,001 that had been spent for remediation of the Clinton Valley Center in Oakland County prior to its sale. In 2005 the Legislature appropriated $5,000,000 in interest earned and previously lapsed funding for use in the program. In 2012, another $4.4 million in accrued interest and lapsed funds was appropriated.

Site Selection and Prioritization: Under Section 20126 of Part 201, each state executive department and agency is required annually to provide the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) a list of all facilities where they are liable as an owner operator. The Brownfield Redevelopment Board (Board), created under 1996 PA 383, and composed of Directors of the DTMB, DEQ, and the President of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, is responsible for prioritizing the funding for the cleanups. The sites are prioritized for response activity by the Board, based on the degree of health or environmental risk and by resale or redevelopment potential, as stipulated under Section 20108c of Part 201. The Board meets as when allocations of appropriated funding are required. The most recent board meeting was held on February 28, 2012.

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