Locations of Environmental Interest

  • Many EGLE activities focus on specific sites or locations, from permit requests for a manufacturing plant to areas of widespread environmental contamination. This page is designed to help the public locate information about such activities and locations of environmental interest.

    The first link below, List of Specific Locations/Sites, offers information on specific sites/locations where there is currently significant public interest. Here, information is listed by county, location and/or the names of specific parties that the public may associate with the site/location.

    The second link, Sites Regulated by EGLE Programs, provides EGLE links to environmental information and databases on specific sites/facilities regulated by EGLE programs under the Michigan Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, PA 451, of 1994, as amended, unless a different authority is indicated.


  • Detailed Information for Selected Sites of Public Interest
  • Location Specific Information for EGLE Programs