Automotive Mechanical Repair Workbook

All automotive mechanical repair facilities must comply with federal and state environmental regulations pertaining to air quality, water quality, and solid, liquid, and hazardous wastes. The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality's (MDEQ's) Environmental Assistance Program created the "Michigan Automotive Mechanical Repair Facility Environmental Compliance Workbook," in cooperation with the Automotive Service Association of Michigan, to help facilities comply with these regulations. The workbook contains a series of questions that allow a facility to conduct their own self-audit. Embedded in the workbook are audit questions which require "yes" or "no" answers about whether or not your facility is complying with the applicable environmental requirements. A blank "Return-to-Compliance Plan" form is provided to document the non-compliance issues that will need corrective action. These forms will allow you to assign Return-to-Compliance tasks to your employees to make corrective actions.

For those facilities that have a paper copy of the workbook, links to most of the resources referenced in the workbook are found in "Workbook Hotlinks."

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Why should your facility perform a self-audit?

  • Clean-up - Repairing automobiles generates waste and pollution that can harm you, your workers, your neighbors, and the environment.  Implementing the regulatory requirements will minimize workers' exposure and improve the neighborhood environment.
  • Save money - A number of the pollution prevention tips provided in this workbook can help automotive repair facilities save money.  Many of these tips do not require capital investment to implement.
  • Regulatory compliance is required - This workbook eliminates the "fear of the unknown," a common stressor among small business owners, because it clearly identifies all of your applicable environmental requirements. Choosing to perform a self-audit helps put you in control of your compliance status before an inspector visits your facility. Remember, performing a self-audit is voluntary, but compliance with the regulations is mandatory.


Compliance and Recordkeeping Forms 


Site Identification Form - EQP 5150 

Hazardous Waste Emergency Information Poster (EQP 3472)

Hazardous and Liquid Industrial Waste Manifest Tracking Log 




Liquid, solid, and hazardous waste regulation questions and publications:

The Waste Data System (WDS) tracks activities at facilities regulated by the Solid Waste, Scrap Tire, Hazardous Waste, and Liquid Industrial Waste programs: 

Waste recycling and disposal options:

Hazardous materials transportation compliance assistance publications:

Hazardous material transportation:

Material Safety Data Sheets: 


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