Consolidation and Contamination Risk Reduction (C2R2) Grant

  • The Consolidation and Contamination Risk Reduction (C2R2) Grant  program was developed by EGLE under Michigan’s new Clean Water Plan. The C2R2 grant is available to drinking water systems for projects that remove or reduce PFAS or other contaminants, as defined under state or federal drinking water regulations, or efforts to consolidate systems or connect private residential wells to a local municipal system. There is $25 million available, with a maximum grant award per applicant of $5 million. Applications will be accepted beginning November 16, 2020, and will be batched and scored for processing quarterly, with applications for the first round due January 31, 2021. Applications will continue to be accepted until funding is exhausted.

    Consolidation and Contamination Risk Reduction (C2R2) Grant Overview

    C2R2 grant webinar (recorded December 14, 2020)

    C2R2 grant webinar PowerPoint slides:


    NEW: EGLE received 32 applications, totaling $80,065,141 by the first funding round deadline. All applications are currently under review. The requested grant amount is what was illustrated on the application. After all applications are scored, a list of applicants in priority funding order will be made available.

    Additional information on other programs can be found on the Michigan Clean Water Plan page.

  • 4/19/2021 UPDATE: EGLE's Water Infrastructure Financing Section (WIFS), Remediation and Redevelopment Division (RRD), and Drinking Water and Environmental Health Division (DWEHD) are finalizing prioritization of the C2R2 applications and reviewing grant applicant's requested scopes of work.  As previously noted, there is a total of $20 million available for contamination remediation projects and $5 million for projects proposing water system consolidation activities. As the final review of applications takes place, awarded grant amounts may differ from requested amounts based on eligibility determinations, and updated scopes of work.

    The priority list is not yet final and therefore cannot be posted on the website.  For applications that have been determined fundable, WIFS (or in some cases DWEHD) will contact those applicants, not necessarily in priority order, to address questions or provide clarity on applications as final reviews are completed. Any proposed grant agreements greater than $499,999 require State Administrative Board approval. This legislatively required step may add 3-4 weeks of processing time.  We anticipate some C2R2 grant agreements, that do not require State Administrative Board approval, will be issued in early May.