• RenewMI Story Map Redesign - Find information on cleanup projects near you

    The RenewMI Project Viewer is a web application that provides an easy way to view cleanup and redevelopment projects in your area.  The viewer was recently redesigned, and the updated version went live on October 12. The new and improved version features both current and completed projects, a search feature to let you easily browse projects near you, and a user-friendly interface.  It also allows a user to scroll through project histories and photographs of RRD's project sites.

    Although this tool does not yet include all of our sites, we are adding new, ongoing, and completed projects to the app all the time.  You can be assured that anywhere you see the EGLE Partner-Protect-Renew sign, you will find project information on the RenewMI webpage at

    Launch the RenewMI Web App

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  • Report Environmental Emergency 24/7; Call 800-292-4706

  • Need Environmental Assistance? Call 800-662-9278

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  • Great Lakes Virtual PFAS Summit, Dec 6 - 10

    2021 Great Lakes PFAS Summit - December 6-10, 2021

    The goals of this virtual event are to provide the most current and reliable science and policy, facilitate information sharing, and explore current and future research topics related to PFAS.  

  • EGLE Classroom Website

    School's back in session! As students settle in for a new school year, EGLE is providing a variety of educational resources through its EGLE Classroom initiative that teachers and parents can use to supplement school lessons all year long.


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  • Water flowing over a Dam. Link to EGLE's Dam Safety Program

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  • A few gold coins stacked on top of dollars and text reading 'grants and loans'

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  • A winter lake scene with fir trees covered in snow and the text reading 'Mi Environment'

  • A windmill and pink tulips in Holland, Michigan with text 'Mi Environment'

  • A silver kitchen faucet filling a class of water and the text 'Mi Lead Safe'

  • A green silhouette of Michigan over an image of a lake with the text 'Mi Waters'

  • A stack of text-heavy documents with the text 'Permits'

  • A black, red, and green molecule with the text 'PFAS Response'

  • The Recycling Raccoons squad with the text 'recycling'