Curriculum and Materials

Curriculum and Materials

The activities within the curriculum can be used from start to finish, individually or in units to teach the basics of bowhunting or to teach students necessary skills to get close to wildlife. Each activity is designed to use a "hands-on" approach that is fun and engaging for any age!

Activities within the curriculum focus on:

  • Bowhunting
  • Getting Close to Wildlife
  • Animal Behavior
  • Animal Calls
  • Animal Tracking
  • Archery
  • Camouflage
  • Shot Set-Up for Bow or Camera

Once educators attend the one day instructor workshop the following materials will be provided:

  • A Curriculum Book
  • Media Packet
  • Equipment Booklet
  • Student Handbooks

In addition each instructor will have access to an equipment trunk containing all the materials and equipment necessary to conduct the activities.