First male NASP archer in Michigan to shoot a perfect 300

Justin Miller, a junior at Hartland High School, shot a 300 at the Swartz Creek state qualifier event Feb. 8, 2020, making him the first male NASP archer in Michigan to achieve a perfect score.

"I wasn't really thinking about too much all day. It wasn't until my last arrow –  I thought man, I hope I get this one in there. The last arrow was close to the 9 ring.  Actually, my lane partner called the lane official over to call the arrow. She called it a 10!” Miller said. “I had set a personal goal for myself to shoot a 300, and I have been trying to get this done for a while. Today it just all came together."

His coach, Rob Jellison, who was watching it all unfold, said:

"I watched every arrow from behind Justin and knew he was clean going into the last end. I was with the Fowlerville coach, and I told her that if he gets all of these in there, he will shoot a 300. We watched together –  arrow one dead center, arrow two dead center, arrow three dead center. I then said, 'He only needs two more.' Arrow four dead center. The Fowlerville coach then said, 'One more.'  Arrow five was right of dead center, and I knew it was going to be close. Justin came over and told me he thought he might be clean. I told him the last arrow is close, and he told me that was the only arrow that got in his head. I tried to comfort him and told him that regardless of the outcome, he shot great and should be proud. We agreed that he would give me a thumbs-up if it was in or a thumbs-down if it was out. The nerves kicked in when Justin's lane mate called for a lane official to call his last arrow. Then he gave me the THUMBS UP! We are all so proud of Justin!" 

Congratulations to Justin on an incredible accomplishment!