• To remain active in SIC, you are required to follow the policies and procedures. Failure to do so will cause a one-year suspension and require you to re-attend a training.

    Obligations for Continuing the SIC Program

    The following are the required steps for releasing your fish and renewing your enrollment in the program for the next year:

    • Prior to release fill out Stocking Permit, and have it in your possession to release fish (see below).
    • Fill out Stocking Report after releasing fish and submit within 14 days, and no later than June 1 (see below).
    • Scientific Collector's Permit automatically renewed and emailed to you upon receipt of the Stocking Report. You are required by law to have the premit in your possession when traveling with fish, and displayed next to your tank.
    • Salmon Sense newsletter emailed to you in September with egg pickup dates and locations.
    • RSVP for your egg pickup time and location by October 15.
    • Maintain water quality test data sheets throughout the year – mandatory for you to record throughout the year.
    • Additional Salmon Sense newsletters arrive via email in December and April with important information.

    If any of these pieces are missed, please email Tracy Page for assistance.

Requirements, Timeline and Forms