• Time Commitment & Expense

    This is a school-year-long commitment. Eggs are picked up in the fall and you must care for the developing fish until you release them in the spring. Aquariums must be cleaned once a week to ensure clean and healthy habitat. Fish should be fed multiple times daily during the week. If you are not available to care for the fish for any length of time, it is your responsibility to find an interim replacement to care for the fish.

    The cost of the aquarium, chiller and other materials may run $1,500 or more. This money is not provided by the DNR. Many schools partner with local conservation or sport fishing organizations or raise their own funds. 

    Once you have been accepted into the program, you will need to start getting everything ready to receive your eggs in the fall. Each step below is necessary in order to receive your eggs so please look through each one carefully. You can always reach out to other teachers who are already in the program to get their input and receive information about the program and possible sponsors to help with equipment costs.

    Map of participating schools and sponsors