Project WILD

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Project WILD: K-12

This guide focuses on wildlife and habitat. Because these activities are designed for integration into existing courses of study, instructors may use one or many Project WILD activities or the entire set of activities may serve quite effectively as the basis for a course of study.

Each Project WILD activity contains all of the information needed to conduct that activity including objectives, method, background information, a list of materials needed, procedures, evaluation suggestions, recommended grade levels, subject areas, duration, group size, setting, and key terms. A glossary is provided, as well as a cross-reference by topics and skills.

This is the primary activity guide and contains 124 different activities and is usually the basic guide provided during a workshop.

Teachers performing the WILD Habitat lap sit A teacher holding up his finished fish from Fashion a Fish the Let's Talk Turkey activityA teacher looking for food in How Many Bears Can Live in this forest

Project WILD K-12 resources

SAMPLE Project WILD K-12 6 hour workshop agenda