Summer workshop description of classes


Classes are rated by physical exertion levels (E, M, or S). Classes marked E require little physical exertion, M is moderate, and S is strenuous exertion. Please know your own physical abilities.  If the class is held inside for the entire time – that is noted as “inside”.

Introduction to Firearms & Firearm Safety – FRIDAY EVENING

(PLEASE DO NOT BRING YOUR OWN FIREARMS. THEY WILL BE PROVIDED.) NOTE:  This session is required for all participants who do not possess a hunter safety certificate or a valid hunting license and plan to take a Firearms or Archery course.  Participants in this firearm safety session will receive instruction in safe handling of firearms, at home and in the field.  Opportunities to handle rifles, shotguns and handguns in a supervised setting will be presented.  Classroom demonstrations and visual aids will be used to assist the participant in the learning process.  This does not count towards your four class choices. You can also earn a Hunter Safety certificate if you do the bookwork ahead of time, take this class and pass the test, this part is not mandatory, but a great to have for future hunting opportunities. Instructor – Jane Gordon

Archery – M –The instructor will go over bow safety and introduction of the different types of bows available (compound, longbow, recurve). The equipment to use with bows and arrow choice (hunting vs. target), basic bow maintenance and shooting stations for both types of bows.   If you have your own bow, please feel free to bring it. Instructor – Kelly Deering

Mock Archery Hunt – M-S – This class is an advanced archery class.  Hunting will be discussed and the different types of stands available. There will be a stand for students to shoot from.  Please feel free to bring your own bow if you have one – we will have some on hand.  If you have a safety harness and/or tree stand that you would like to bring so you can become more familiar with its use, feel free.  We will go over the techniques to setting up a blind, focusing on deer trails, shot position, tracking, safety measures and following a mock blood trail.  This class will require more physical ability then the regular archery class as we will be walking through the woods and climbing tree stands. Instructor – Kelly Deering

Backpacking and Hiking Basics – M - Learn about the basics of backpacking gear, such as backpacks, tents, sleeping bags and a variety of other backpacking necessities. We’ll talk about how to pack your backpack, trip planning, and any upcoming backpacking opportunities with BOW. A short hike will be included in this session, if time allows. Please wear proper foot gear. This class is designed for somebody with very little to no backpacking experience. Instructors – Tara Gluski, Dave Kalishek, Sandy Kivela, Mike Knack

Backpacking II – M-S - To enroll in this class, participants must have taken a BOW intro backpacking course (for instance, the Backpacking and Hiking Basics class offered this weekend or in prior BOW programs). Participants should plan to carry a backpack for a short hike in and around campus. Participants will sample backpacking meals, filter water, set up tents, etc. If you have backpacking gear you'd like to try out, please bring it. Participants will have the opportunity to sleep out overnight. Participants should bring their own backpacks, sleeping bags and sleeping pads if sleeping out. If you have a backpacking tent, please bring that otherwise the instructors will have multiple tents available (participants may need to share a tent with another participant). Instructors – Tara Gluski, Dave Kalishek, Sandy Kivela, Mike Knack

Advanced Hike – S – This is an advanced hike up Hogback Mountain near Marquette (off campus).  The 3 to 4-mile hike will include a marked trail with elevation changes and slippery rocks. This is a strenuous hike. For those that want to up their hiking ability; know your limitations as this is about a 120-minute hike. Bring your water and a snack. Instructors – Sandy Kivela, Tara Gluski, Dave Kalishek, Mike Knack

Birding Basics – E - This class is a good introduction for those interested in birdwatching. The classroom section of the course covers binoculars, spotting scopes, field guides, terminology and more before heading out into the field to put this information into practice. Things to bring: Binoculars, field guide, notebook, something to write with, bug spray, comfortable walking shoes. Instructor – John Pepin

Basic Land Navigation – M – Leave your smartphone navigation app at home and learn to use a map and compass! This class will teach you basic navigation skills that will help you build confidence to venture into the great outdoors on your own. You will have the opportunity to use your new skills when we get outside and navigate your way through a short orienteering course right on campus! Please come to class prepared to spend some time outside, rain or shine! Some of the print on the maps is small, so don’t forget your reading glasses if you need them. Comfortable shoes/boots are also recommended. Instructors – Celeste Chingwa, Jennifer Burnham & Tori Irving

Boating & Safety – M - Boating is fun and can be the means to get to the best fishing spots!  Learn how to trailer a boat, back it down the ramp and launch it, then start the motor and operate the boat expertly and safely. You'll get pointers on driving the boat, rules of the waterways, anchoring, docking, and lots of great safety tips. Then, you'll motor the boat back to the dock and load it on the trailer again! Now, that's what we call independence!   A class on Friday evening will go over the safety portion that is a requirement for this class and to receive a boating safety certificate. Class size is limited! Instructors – Brett DeLonge, Jeremy Sergey

Canoeing - S - Canoeing is a great activity, as well as, an enjoyable and relaxing way to experience the outdoors. Whether you’re a novice or have been in a canoe before, our class will go through basic paddle techniques, safety, and most importantly help you build confidence in climbing in a canoe and exploring new waters. Instructors – Allison & Jeff VanGorp

Canicross – M - Canicross is a growing sport of cross country running / walking with dogs. It is dog powered, so the dog is harnessed and attached to the human. The human is the driver, directing the dog from behind with voice commands. Canicross is a great way to fitness for both the human and canine! It also gives your dog a job to do and is excellent training for them. Using the same gear used for skijoring, learn to harness your dog, utilize the force of your dog to assist with running or walking, and be hands free! Dogs and gear will be available. Do not bring your own dog! Canicross is a sport that can be enjoyed with any breed of dog! Join us to learn more and get on the trails with the dogs! Instructors – Lindsay and Collin McWebb

Cross Country Trail Running – S – What interested you in trail running? Let’s share experiences! Our avid running enthusiast will share tips and tricks, talk about shoes, how to fit them, appropriate outdoor clothing for cross country running and then head out to the cross-country ski trail to run the trail loop which is off campus. Please bring water and running shoes. Instructor – Katie Kubont

Disc Golf – E – M - Participants will receive An Introduction to the basic concepts/rules of the game and learn a little history of game.  Instructor will describe the types of disks (driver, mid-range, putter), cost associated with playing, where you can find resources and courses.  Finally, you'll have a chance to play some games. Instructor – Josh Wasilewiski

Gun Cleaning – E (inside) – On Sunday we will hold a gun cleaning class.  All of the guns need to be cleaned from the Firearms classes over the weekend.  If you are going to shoot, you need to learn to clean. You can take this class even if you didn’t take a firearm class.  Instructor - Jane Gordon

Handgun – M - Participants will learn the basics of safe and responsible handgun handling and shooting.  An opportunity to shoot the basic types of handguns will be offered.  Instructors - Jane Gordon & Jennifer Hanson

Rifle – M - Learn different types of rifle safety and marksmanship techniques, practice proper stance, handling and shooting.  You will have a chance to shoot a couple different types of high-powered rifles. Hands-on shooting at targets will be offered. Instructors – Leonard Janssen & Mike Yon

Shotgun – M - Learn and practice different shotgun shooting techniques.  Emphasis will be on safety, determining your master eye, proper stance, proper fit, safety equipment, how a shotgun works, and hands-on time to shoot and break clay pigeons.  It is a good starting point for trap, skeet, and sporting clays.  Instructors – Leonard Janssen, Tim Robson & Mike Yon

Intro to bird hunting with dogs – M – Learn the different breeds used to hunt upland and waterfowl species, the difference between pointing and flushing breeds, training methods, puppy training, obedience and so much more. This is a basics class with the opportunity to ask advanced questions. Instructors will have their personal dogs for demonstration, this is not a bring your own dog class. Instructors - Rick Faust

Fish Identification - E (inside) – You need to know what type of fish you are fishing for, right? Learn the common popular fish species in the area, how to tie a hook on your fishing rod, examine the anatomy of a brook trout and the different types of lures you might use.  You’ll be shown how to filet a fish and how to use catch and release techniques in this class.  Instructor – Sharon Babbitt

Fly Fishing – M -This class will provide you with the basic skills to fly fish. You will learn to cast a fly rod and wade in a stream before heading out to the water. You will be transported to the Yellowdog River for trout fishing using waders. If you have your own equipment, feel free to bring it, however, all equipment is provided.  Things to bring baseball type hat; Polarized glasses; Nail clippers.  Fishing license is required. An annual license is $26, or you may purchase a 24-hour license if you would like for $10. (Please purchase ahead of time – Crams in Big Bay sells licenses) Instructor –John Mattis & Alisha Wasilewski

Lake Fishing – M - This session will include, basic rod and reel selection, tackle and lures, basic knots, as well as, how to clean and filet fish. This will be an all-day class and count as two sessions offered Saturday only.  You will be transported to the Hoist Basin (near Negaunee) and spend the day fishing.  A Sack lunch will be provided.  You will be back in time for evening dinner at Bay Cliff. Participants may bring their own fishing equipment but, equipment is provided. This class size is limited; if you have taken this in the past you cannot take it again due to the class limit size. Fishing license required. An annual license is $26, or you may purchase a 24-hour license if you would like for $10. (Please purchase ahead of time Crams in Big Bay sells licenses) Instructors – Mark Mylchreest, Paul Hannuksela, Lars Fredrick, Tyler Walls, Tom Gursky

Fly Tying E (inside) An introductory course on the “how to” of tying flies. Fly types and their uses will be discussed and demonstrated, including nymphs, dry flies, wet flies and streamers.   Participants will get to “try their hand” at tying flies, which you will be able to take home and try them out on your next fishing trip!  A few new types of flies for trout, bluegill and small mouth bass will be taught. Instructor – Tim Glover

Introduction to Fur Harvesting – E – M- This course will introduce the student to basic methods and tools for the harvesting of wild fur bearing animals.  Trapping, as a method, will be explained in a way that will dispel certain myths about the sport and, in fact, show benefits of this method as a tool.  Equipment to include foothold traps, body gripping traps and snares will be demonstrated and explained.  We will touch on “Reading Animal Sign”.  Identifying tracks, scat and habits of many of the more common fur bearers.  Basic set construction will be explained, and the student will learn simple sets for several different species of animals.  What to do after the catch?  Pelt handling and preparation for the fur market or tannery will be discussed and the student will actually get the chance to skin and prepare a muskrat hide. This course will also address “Predator Calling”, the art of mimicking a prey species to lure a fox, bobcat or coyote into rifle range.  The students will have the opportunity to make the sounds of a wounded rabbit or deer fawn and even some coyote vocalizations using a hand-held call which will give them the feel for when the hunter becomes the hunted. Instructors – Tom Burnis & Cody Norton

 Invasive Species Walkabout – M - You will learn basic field identification of invasive species (and some beneficial natives) that you may encounter during water and land-based activities; how they are invading our recreation areas; and what you can do to help get rid of them, or better yet, prevent their spread. Good walking shoes are a must for this class.   Instructor – Teri Grout

Kayaking – S – This class covers basic kayak touring safety, types of kayaks, and the essential paddle strokes needed to enjoy kayaking.  The course will help you develop skills in solo kayaking. Paddlers will learn what techniques overcome physical strength in kayaking. Skills will be practiced on the lake. (Dress appropriately - Nylon jogging pants with a thin layer of fleece or wool under is good for cooler days. Similar layers plus a lightweight windbreaker is good for upper body. Sandals or water shoes) Instructors – Linda Welch, Monica McKenny, Monica Weis

Mountain Bike – M - S - Learn the basic rules of the trail and riding techniques, such as shifting, braking, hill climbing and descent, body positioning and navigating obstacles. Learn basic bike repair and inspection and review the best bike for your budget and style of riding. You will ride several miles over various types of terrain. Participants must bring their own Ready-to-ride Mountain Bike and safety helmets (both required). There are multiple businesses in Marquette that provide rental, if necessary. Instructor – Ed Baker, Sarah Carlson, Kate Donhal.

Mountain Bike Challenge – S- Spend the day exploring single-track around Marquette County. The class will leave Big Bay in the morning, visiting trailheads around Marquette, Negaunee, and Ishpeming, before returning to Big Bay for dinner. Be prepared for rigorous activity, rocks, roots, and challenging terrain. Prior mountain bike experience is highly recommended, as well as regular physical activity and conditioning. The class will take you to new places, and help you develop the skills required to excel on some of the best trails in the country. Mountain Bikes are not required to take this class but recommend having your own personal fitted bike. Instructor – Todd Poquette, 906 Adventure Team is a local non-profit committed to empowering people to find the best version of themselves through outdoor adventure. Class size is limited.

Back Country Mountain Bike Mechanical Course – M - If you plan to venture off-road and into the backcountry - you need to be prepared. But what does that mean? 906 Adventure Team will show the gear you need and how to use it. Instruction will focus on making sure your bike is ready, and what to do if you experience a mechanical failure in the backcountry. The class is interactive and hands-on, participants will be challenged to find things wrong with a bike and asked to correct them. Instructors will discuss common problems you might run into and sensible, simple solutions. Your own bike is not required to take this class. Instructor – Todd Poquette

GPS/Geocaching – M - GPS/Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Participants learn GPS basics, understand way points, then navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocaches (containers) hidden in specific locations. It is a great way to build confidence in navigation skills in and out of the woods, rural and even urban areas. Also, bring smartphones to learn how to utilize specific GPS/Geocaching apps. (Bug spray, good shoes, and rain gear if weather calls for it, also small items to trade at the caches) Instructor – Allison & Jeff VanGorp

Wonders of Nature & Edible Plant Hike – E- M -The fields and forests are full of amazing wonders that most people will never take the time to see or appreciate. Discover some fascinating aspects of nature, including some nutritional trail nibbles, that will enhance your outdoor experience with a casual hike up to one mile. Instructor – Greg Jacobs

Paddle Boarding – S – This is a beginning paddle board class, covering equipment, techniques, and introductory skills. This has a limited class size.  Wetsuits are required for this class – you will get wet and the water is cold in June!  Wetsuit rental thru Downwind Sports is available for $20.  You will need to pick up/try on at the store. Class size is limited. Instructors –Teresa Hamari, Frida Waara, Ron Thorley

Photography E - There is so much to see in the summer through a camera lens.  Learn how to take better photos. We will tell you step-by-step in simple language how to take great looking photos with more impact. This class is easy to understand and is suitable for point-and-shoot, DSLR or 35mm camera owners. Those who only take photos with their cellphones can also benefit from the discussion. The class covers tips for composition and shooting techniques. This course covers the basics for beginners or anyone who wants to learn more about their camera and techniques for using it.  Instructor – John Pepin

Wilderness Survival – M - Don’t go into the Woods....unprepared!  Do you have the skills to survive a backwoods emergency?  Do you know items you should never be without when you go into the woods? Let us show you some basic wilderness survival skills that will help you build the confidence you need to enjoy a hike, a float or any other outdoor experience.  We will discuss survival skills such as fire building and basic shelter building and try your hand at building both.  Don’t let poor planning ruin a trip.  The best time to practice these skills is before you need to use them. Instructors – Tara Gluski, Dave Kalishek

Walking Stick – E (inside) – Take a hike, sister! You will design, carve, paint/stain and embellish an “heirloom & folk art” walking stick! We’ll explore line, texture, color, and composition with your walking stick designs. Add an art aesthetic to your physical fitness routine; promote a healthy lifestyle by walking! Experience the success of using simple carving tools.  Things to Bring: items for your stick – pins, silk flowers, doll heads, animal heads (toy), shells, beads, old jewelry, ribbon, etc. Instructor – Margaret Gerhard

Wilderness First Aid – E-M - What's in your first aid kit? Find out which items you "should have" and which items you "must have." What are the most common injuries and illnesses? Do you know how to treat them? With hands on practical instruction and a variety of outdoor scenarios, you'll learn what to do when emergency help is delayed! Are you prepared to save a life in a wilderness setting? Instructor - Mike Knack

Yardening – E – Lets talk about the birds and the bees, the bugs and the butterflies that are beneficial to the biodiversity and the other babies on the planet. This offering provides a lively and thought-provoking PowerPoint presentation that will inspire intelligent conversation and the urge to make a difference. You will enjoy a unique and amazing art related project recycling materials and encouraged to recycle the lawns and plant flowers as pollinators. Instructor – Margaret Gerhard