Elk Orientation - Hunt Period 1

Welcome to the 2021 Michigan Elk Hunt Orientation. This orientation is for hunters who were drawn successful for Hunt Period 1.

Listed below is the video series containing the necessary information for completing the orientation. It is mandatory that you watch these video and then sign and submit the Affidavit and Hunter Information form, verifying you have watched the videos to their entirety.  

If you are unable to watch the videos or have any questions, please email DNR-Elk-Hunt@Michigan.gov or call Rachel Leightner at 517-243-5813.

Mandatory Orientation Videos

Welcome from the Wildlife Division Chief

  1. Elk Management Introduction 
  2. Elk Biology
  3. Elk Anatomy and Bovine Tuberculosis Surveillance
  4. Rules, Regulations and Safety
  5. After Harvest - Registering Your Elk
  6. How to Read Your Map
  7. Receiving Your Elk License

Sign and Complete: Affidavit and Hunter Information - DUE August 20th

Ask the DNR Live Discussion 

This Microsoft Teams live event will be available to join on August 26th at 7pm.

Find the Michigan Elk Digest and other elk resources at Michigan.gov/Elk

Map - Elk Hunt Period 1

Detailed PDF Map of Elk Hunt Area