MVAA Director Recognizes DTMB Employees

Contact: DTMB Linda Norlock 517-241-8619
Agency: Military and Veterans Affairs

Tracy Clark, DTMB is recognized Nov. 28, 2018 by MVAA director James Redford. (Photo LN)

Four DTMB employees were honored by the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency for their work leading to construction of a new state home for veterans.  Bob Burns and Tracy Clark of the Real Estate Division were presented with Legion of Merit medals to recognize their efforts in procuring property for the home. Jan Miller, Design and Construction Division, and Leasa Sanchez, Real Estate Division, received letters recognizing their customer service roles. Kathleen Markman of the Attorney General's Office also was recognized for her efforts in drafting and reviewing documents involved with purchasing the property from the U.S. Department of Defense.

The State of Michigan Legion of Merit is presented to U.S. National Guard or Air National Guard members for exemplary service. Michigan also presents the honors to others for meritorious conduct, achievements and support.

In October, ground was broken on the 103-acre site for Sebille Manor, which will provide long-term care for 128 veterans. The home will be located in Chesterfield Township in Macomb County. The project is part of plans by the veterans affairs agency to build seven new veterans homes across Michigan over the next 10 years. DTMB staff also are involved with preparations for another new home, which will be built in Grand Rapids.

Photo 2: James Redford, director of the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency, recognizes the work of DTMB employees Jan Miller, left, and Leasa Sanchez and Attorney General's Office employee Kathleen Markman, right.

At the top of the page: James Redford presents Tracy Clark, left, and Bob Burns, right, with Legion of Merit medals to recognize their exemplary service to the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs.

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MVAA James Redford and DTMB Bob Burns recognition, Nov. 28, 2018MVAA James Redford and three DTMB employees, Nov. 28, 2018