Family Stories

"The ramp was a life saver for my husband and me. Our daughter Amanda weighs 92 pounds and she couldn't help us move her in anyway. Getting a wheelchair ramp made it possible for us to keep her living at home." Rebecca, Wayne County

"The wheelchair lift for our van has opened up so many opportunities for our son and family. It is so nice to be able to give him his independence to so many places outside of the home." Amanda, Monroe County

"The Rifton Tricycle made it possible to take family walks while Alizandro works on his gross motor skills. Thank you so much. It brought tears to my eyes to see him ride it for the first time. I never even believed he would be able to ride a bike. It is truly a blessing." Veronica, Ingham County

"The CSN Fund purchased an air conditioner for my daughter Janelle who has Cystic Fibrosis. She no longer dehydrates in the summer because she can go into her bedroom and cool off. This also helps her lungs from swelling so she can breath and it keeps her out of the hospital. Thank you so much." Janet, Midland County

"Thank you so very, very much for your extreme kindness and generosity in approving the stair lift for our son Christian. I cannot tell you how much joy and peace this has given my husband and me. Christian's life is going to be so awesome! We cannot wait to give him a bath in the bathtub and not the plastic container. All of you will always be Christian's angels and you are remembered daily in our prayers." Vincent and Elaine, Genesee County

"Elizabeth is finally able to play outside riding her bike like all other children. It makes her feel so good to play with the other children. Most children take for granted being able to ride. We are so thankful for the CSN Fund." Annette, Allegan County

"The Children with Special Needs Fund collaborated with the Ambucs in the construction of a barrier free walkway so we can transport Maia in and out of our home while keeping her in her wheelchair. We use this walkway EVERYDAY! Prior to its construction, it was very difficult to bring our daughter outside and to get her into our vehicle and onto the school bus." Jeremy and Lorelei, Kent County

"Thanks to the CSN Fund we now have a van lift and our son can go places and become part of society. We could never have afforded this without their help." Rebecca, Saginaw County

"We received a hand crank tricycle from the Children with Special Needs Fund for our son Peyton. He can not walk at this time so the trike gives him independence as well as a therapeutic benefit in giving a really good stretch to his hamstrings. He absolutely loves the tricycle and without the CSN Fund, we could have never afforded it. Thank you so much." Leanne, Wayne County

"We have always tried to empower Morgan to be as independent as she can be. The ramp the CSN Fund paid for promotes her independence and has given great relief to the people who provide daily care for her." Shannon, Chippewa County

"I have two disabled daughters and the CSN Fund helped me purchase a van lift. It saved my life!" Casey, Genesee County

"The CSN Fund purchased a TMX tricycle for our son Alexander. It has been so fun for him. It stretches his legs without him fighting it. It has given him incentive to work harder at his exercises and stretching. He is very proud that he can ride a bike just like his sister and he isn't left out of that kind of fun anymore. We are so thankful." Laura, Grand Traverse County

 "My daughter's medical equipment made an electrical service upgrade necessary. Without it we would not have been able to bring her home from the hospital. We are grateful to the Children with Special Needs Fund." Teresa, Marquette County

...this is why we do what we do!


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