• Michigan Sex Offender Program

    Mission Statement

    In maintaining our goal of increasing community safety, the Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) is committed to providing effective, efficient, research driven sex offender treatment to offenders with current sex offense convictions and histories of sexual offending. Of central importance is decreasing the risk of sexual re-offense which is achieved through the following: 

    1) Utilizing empirically-based and validated assessment tools developed specifically for sex offenders. 

    2) Implementing treatment techniques grounded in evidence-based principles and delivered by well-trained staff. 

    3) Maintaining rigorous quality assurance practices. 

    4) Ensuring continuity of care from point of incarceration through release to community setting. 

  • Specific Areas Covered in the MSOP

    Prisoners who enter the Michigan Sex Offender Program (MSOP) will learn different teqhniques in programming to alter thinking and behaviors so they can live a healthy lifestyle upon reentry into society. 


  • Overview

    Program Overview

    MSOP has been designed to provide offenders with the following in order to reduce the probability of sexual assault by assisting offenders in developing self-confidence and attitudes necessary to pursue an individualized good life: 

    • skills to make healthier decisions
    • self-confidence
    • pro-social thinking

    The program anticipates that sex offenders who complete treatment will be better equipped for healthier functioning lives to meet their own basic needs, thus less likely to reoffend and create new victims. 

    Theoretical Background

    As with other evidence-based Sex Offender Programs, the MSOP model of intervention is based on the principles of Good Lives Model, Self-Regulation, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Pathways to offending. 


  • Program Recommendations


    Assessment Score Type of Program
    Low Risk Assessment
    Moderate 100-200 hours, with at least 6-9 months of clinical led Sex Offender Therapy
    High 250-300+ hours, with at least 9-18 months of clinician-led Sex Offender Therapy


    Michigan Sex Offender Program Brochure