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A strong link between strategy, budgets and metrics is essential to driving Michigan's reinvention forward.  Agency scorecards not only provide transparency and accountability to Michigan taxpayers, they also serve as an internal management tool for decision-makers and a compass for all State of Michigan employees.

The Michigan Department of Corrections is part of the Public Safety Group which also includes the Michigan State Police and the Department of Veterans and Military Affairs. Access information on the strategic direction and current performance levels of the Michigan Department of Corrections, please click on the link below.


Additionally, each administration within the Michigan Department of Corrections has a scorecard measuring key metrics identified by the administration. These metrics are measured at a set frequency to determine whether the administration is meeting its goals.  Different colored indicators easily distinguish between areas the administration is doing well and areas where there needs to be an improvement.  Targets are established by the administration and are created with a certain goal in mind. Administration Scorecard links are available below:

Budget and Operations Administration

Correctional Facilities Administration

Field Operations Administration

Bureau of Health Care Services

Offender Success Administration

For greater insight into Open Michigan and the performance of other agencies, you can explore each of the government service groups by visiting  Michigan is doing what it takes to provide citizens with "Good Government." 



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