• Your independence is vital…
    and driving is a vital skill to get you where you want.

    Safe Drivers Smart Options provides resources for active older drivers, and for drivers who may be considering limiting their driving and finding other transportation choices.

    Helping maintain lifelong safe mobility is everyone's responsibility, including aging adults, families and friends, and professionals who interact with aging adults.

    Your goal, and ours, is your safe, lifelong mobility!

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    Michigan's Guide for Aging Drivers and Their Families - Get your copy


  • Aging Drivers

    Active DriversDriving is a skill you've spent a lifetime on, and you know it's a skill that requires both physical ability and quick reactions. Click the "MORE INFO" button for a set of resources designed to help you stay active and safe behind the wheel.

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  • Family and Friends

    Aging drivers with family and friendsYou want your loved aging family members to stay safely mobile, whether they are driving, are thinking about stopping driving, or have given up the keys. Click the "MORE INFO" button for tips and resources for families and friends to help aging adults continue to drive safely, begin the process of giving up the keys, and safely get where they want to go once they have stopped driving.

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  • Professional's Corner

    Professional's Corner Health care providers and others, including public safety officers and driver licensing experts; have a wealth of information designed to keep aging adults safe and active. Click the "MORE INFO" button to find information specific to several professions that can improve your ability to help aging adults stay safely mobile.

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