Tribute: The Highway Worker

MDOT Clare Welcome Center Road Worker MemorialA unique group of people,
Those who work the road.

Their work is so unnoticed,
Their story seldom told.

Yes, men and women out there
Working day and night

Fixing bridges, roads and ramps
Trying to maintain them right.

The traffic rushes by them,
Just a few feet away.

The highway worker thinking,
“Will this be the day?”

Warning signs and lights
Try to slow them down.

But people move so very fast
Seems they have to get to town.

Then one day it happens,
A driver slows too late,

A scream from a highway worker,
Alas, they meet their fate.

Fellow co-workers mourn their passing
And hope the people will see.

Next time “Give Us A Brake”
Please slow down for me.

James Litzner, MDOT Highway Worker