Work Zone Safety Task Force

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  • Work Zone Safety Fast Facts Fast Facts

    Learn the facts about work zone injuries, fatalites and safety.

  • Work Zone Media Media

    View videos, social media, resources and publications.

  • Michigan State Police Work Zone Enforcement Laws and Penalties

    Learn about Michigan work zone laws and how it could cost you.

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Safe Driving Tips

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    Expect the unexpected. Normal speed limits may be reduced, traffic lanes may change, and workers, vehicles, or equipment may enter your lane without warning.

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    Minimize distractions. Dedicate your full attention to the road. Avoid using cellphones or engaging in other distracting behaviors while driving in a work zone.

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    Obey road crews and signs. Crews know what is best for moving traffic safely in the work zone. Signs are posted in advance of work zones to give you time to follow their instructions to merge, slow down or stop.

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    Don’t speed or tailgate. In Michigan, fines are double for speeding in a work zone, so slow down. Keep a safe distance between you and the vehicle ahead of you.  

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    Pay attention to other drivers. Vehicles may slow, stop, or change lanes unexpectedly in a work zone. Watch for brake lights and be prepared to react to traffic around you. 

  • MDOT Work Zone Safety Calm Icon

    Be patient and stay calm. Work zones are not there to inconvenience you. They are necessary to improve our roads and make your future drive better.

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