Fixing roads and building bridges

“We are all paying to fix our cars when we should be paying to fix the road.” – Governor Whitmer

Michigan roads cost the average driver more than $540 a year - none of which fixes a single pothole.

Fixing the roads are a priority for getting Michigan back on track, but we must do it right. That means recognizing the full scope of the problem and creating a long-term plan that fixes the infrastructure as a whole and not in silos. Infrastructure includes the water underneath the ground, connecting everyone to broadband and making sure we are connected to be a leader in mobility.

These investments are not only good for our citizens, they will help grow the economy - and family incomes, along with it.

We are going to get to work fixing it right:

  • The way we move people, goods, water, and information is changing by the day. We will rebuild the infrastructure that built Michigan, but do so in a way that allows us to adapt to our changing economy.
  • If Michigan is going to continue to lead on the mobility industry of the future, we must have roads that allow next generation vehicles to move and broadband infrastructure that allows them to communicate and keep us safe.
  • To maximize our investments, we will adopt an ethos of “dig once,” utilizing the Michigan Infrastructure Council to ensure that we are not tearing up the same sections of road three construction seasons in a row.