A well-trained workforce is literate

“I believe every child in this state has a birthright to a phenomenal public education and a path to a high wage job.” – Governor Whitmer

The research is clear, in order to be successful kids need to learn to read. That means safe classrooms with teachers who are able to meet them where they are to help them succeed. It also means that every child, regardless of zip code, has exposure to a full curriculum of classes and opportunities to discover the right path to their future.

The cost of low literacy is staggering: $225 billion annually here in the United States. This is a cost we cannot afford and will not accept here in Michigan.

Everyone in Michigan has a right to an educational path to success - whether that is a certificate in the skilled trades, technical apprenticeship or to pursue a college track career.

It’s time to get to work on Michigan’s cradle to career education system by focusing on:

  • Investing in Early Childhood
  • Respecting Educators
  • Improving literacy rates in our schools and beyond