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  • Welcome newly licensed Adult Use Marihuana Retailers

    Welcome Newly-Licensed Adult Use Marihuana Retailers

    Your filing requirement will start the same date that your license is approved with LARA. What does this mean? Even if you are not conducting business in the State of Michigan you will need to file a return indicating that you conducted $0 worth of sales subject to MRE during the tax year.

    However, if you wish to make a payment you must use the 2020 Marihuana Retailers Excise Tax Payment Voucher Form 5677.

    • Payments can be made via Michigan Treasury Online (MTO)  using an e-check or credit card (fees are applicable).
    • Cash payments for SUW and MRE are by appointment only Tuesday – Thursday between the 17th and 23rd of each month.
      • Please call 517-636-5265 to schedule an appointment.
    • All cash payments must include form 5677 Marihuana Retailers Excise Tax Payment Voucher Form.
    • All cash payments for SUW must include form 5094 Sales, Use and Withholding Payment Voucher.
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