PMM Closeout Phase

The last major phase of a project's life cycle is project closeout. Project closeout is performed after all defined project objectives have been met and the customer has accepted the project’s product.

Project closeout includes the following key elements:



  • Review the project management plan to ensure that all project work is completed, the project has met its objectives, and the customer has accepted the final product
  • Archive project records
  • Document project results in the project closure report
  • Ensure closure of financial records and contracts
  • Complete administrative closeout functions
  • Conduct and document a lessons learned session
  • Transfer operational and support responsibilities to the appropriate group
  • Celebrate project success
During the closeout process, the project manager reviews the project management plan to ensure that the product or final project deliverable has been formally accepted by the customer and that other more administrative actions to ensure project closure are completed.

The fact that project closeout occurs at the end of the project does not mean that all project closeout activities need to be delayed until then. As project phases come to an end it is important to conduct milestone reviews to ensure that phase activities have been successfully completed to the satisfaction of all involved. This relieves the project manager and project team of potentially having to deal with a high volume of open issues and outdated information.