PMM Initiation Phase

Project initiation is the first phase in the Project Management Life Cycle.

The State of Michigan project management methodology encompasses three primary activities during the project initiation phase. It is important to emphasize that all three activities involve collaboration between State agencies and the teams that provide technology support for their business processes. The first two activities must be completed before actual project work may begin.

  • Project request

All requests must be entered in the enterprise PPM tool. This request is also known as a “candidate” in the PPM tool terminology. Although a project request may be submitted at any time, a comprehensive project request process known as the Call for Projects occurs annually in support of the State’s budgeting process.

  • Review project requests

A governance group composed of appropriate agency decision makers and their technology partners review all project requests. Based on strategic as well as operational priorities, the governing body decides to approve, reject, or postpone each project request. The governance group also prioritizes and ranks all approved project requests.

  • Project authorization

Project requests authorized for active project work by the governing group move forward to the final activity in project initiation which is development of the project charter.