SEM Construction Stage

The goal of this stage is to translate the set of technical, computer-oriented system design specifications into a language the computer can understand and execute. Construction involves coding, validation and unit testing by a developer.  Any hardware or software procured to support the construction effort is installed.  Plans are developed for the installation of the operating environment hardware and software.  A training program is designed and a Training Plan that describes the system is produced.

The activities in this stage result in the transformation of the system design into the first complete executable representation of the product.  If required, the source code or COTS "glue" code, including suitable comments, is generated using the approved program specifications.  The source code is then grouped into processable units and all high-level language units are compiled into object code. Unit testing is performed to determine if the code satisfies the program specifications and is complete, logical, and error free.

The operating documentation is also produced.  The operating documentation is required for installing, operating, and supporting the product through its lifecycle.