Systems Engineering Methodology

The Systems Engineering Methodology (SEM) of the State Unified Information Technology Environment (SUITE) provides guidance for information systems engineering related project management activities and quality assurance practices and procedures. The primary purpose of the methodology is to promote the development of reliable, cost-effective, computer-based solutions while making efficient use of resources. Use of the methodology will also aid in the status tracking, management control, and documentation efforts of a project.  The SEM Overview Diagram depicts the seven stages, templates, touch points and stage exit approvals of the SEM model. 

SEM Express is a companion to the State of Michigan Systems Engineering Methodology (SEM).  SEM Express offers guidance for small and straight-forward systems development projects. 

The SEM Systems Maintenance Guidebook (SMG) is a companion to the State of Michigan Systems Engineering Methodology (SEM).   The SEM Systems Maintenance Guidebook offers guidance for maintaining all software systems. 

The Testing Manual is intended to help project staff identify the Who, What, Where, When, Why and How of testing.  The information should help teams know where test planning, design and execution information is to be captured as they progress through each SEM Stage.

The SEM Overview Diagram and the SEM Express Overview Diagram are context sensitive, meaning you can open these pdf documents and navigate through the stages and templates simply by clicking on the appropriate stage or template.

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