Soil Testing

Environmental Testing Company - If a company determines where soil samples should be obtained, tested, or a test report prepared as the result of soil samples, a licensed engineer should be utilized.

Contact the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs at 517-241-9253.

A testing company should contact the Department of Environmental Quality at 800-662-9278, and the local Health Department or Agency requiring testing to determine the type of samples to be obtained and the extent of testing required information.

Laboratory Analysis

Medical Lab - Laboratory Improvement Division of Health Facility Licensing and Certification; 517-241-2648.

Testing of Waste Water - no license required but may be accredited by National Sanitation Foundation, International, Ann Arbor, MI at 734-769-8010.

Testing of Soil - for environmental reasons, contact the Remediation Division, Department of Environmental Quality at 517-335-1104 for further information.

Administrators of the technical and scientific operation of a clinical lab, including supervision of procedures and reporting test findings should be certified with the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs at 517-241-2648.

Clinical lab directors of Medicare-certified independent labs are subject to both state and federal regulations.

The federal Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) has a voluntary certification program for individuals doing soil testing for agricultural nutrient management purposes. Information about technical service providers is at Contact Mike Gangwer at 517-324-5167.

American Society of Agronomy has voluntary certification program information at


Revised: 4/2010