Abandoned Mobile Homes

Mobile home park owners and operators often ask how they can obtain title for a mobile home that has been abandoned in their park by the mobile home owner.

There are two methods by which the park owner can title the mobile home:

  1. Have the mobile home owner assign their mobile home title to the mobile home park. This is the easiest method, although usually the owner who abandoned the mobile home cannot be contacted for an assigned title.
  2. If unable to have title assigned, the present a court order identifying the mobile home by year, make, and manufacturer's serial number and awarding ownership of the home to the park can be used. This involves the park owner going to court to have the abandoned mobile home awarded by the court to the mobile home park. The court order serves in place of an assigned title.

Title Application Process

Submit the assigned title or court order to a Secretary of State branch office to apply for a mobile home title in the name of the park.

The park will need to provide a termination (discharge) of lien if the assigned title or the Department of State's title record shows there is a first secured party (bank loan).

The title fee is $90.00.  6% use tax is due on the value of the mobile home. The park owner declares the mobile home's value when applying for the title. 

At the office you will also be asked to complete a certification statement explaining from whom, how, when, and where the mobile home was acquired.

Once the new mobile home title is issued in the name of the mobile home park, the mobile home park is the legal owner. You can rent the mobile home or use the title to sell it or, if you wish to scrap the mobile home, take it to a recycler for shredding. You will need to assign the title to the recycling center.

Note:  The above options are available to mobile home park owners, mobile home dealers, and individuals.