What documents do I need to renew my IRP account?

  • Preprinted renewal application or IRP Schedule A/C and B Application completed and signed (the paper form and signature are not necessary if processed online). ACTUAL MILES MUST be reported for states in which you operated during the specified time period on the renewal application;
  • Proof of Michigan no-fault insurance;
  • Proof that Heavy Vehicle Use Tax has been paid on all vehicles owned more than 60 days and operating at over 55,000 lbs gross vehicle weight. Contact the IRP Office for information regarding what documents are accepted for proof of payment;
  • Proof of ownership for all vehicles being added to the account at renewal. Acceptable types of proof include:
    • the vehicle title or a copy of the title showing the IRP applicant as the owner on the front of the title, or
    • a title application processed by a Secretary of State Branch office. If the title has been assigned to you by the owner shown on the face of the title, you must first apply for a title in your name at any Secretary of State Branch office. If the vehicle is titled out-of-state then we need to see both the front and back of the title. If the vehicle is titled in Canada, you must provide a CBP 7501 form. If renewing online DO NOT add a vehicle just purchased into your account until ownership has been transferred and you have a title or validated title receipt. Processing an application Online without proper documentation will result in online access being restricted. Fees paid for undocumented transactions will not be refunded.
  • Lease agreement - If registrant and titled vehicle owner are not one in the same, or if insurance is in a name other than the titled vehicle owner.
  • Motor Carrier Responsible for Safety Lease – if the registrant leases their vehicle to an interstate motor carrier who is responsible for the safe operation of the




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