Organ Donation Statistics


These numbers represent people - family, friends and neighbors. It is the goal of the Department of State along with its organ donation partners to decrease the number of people waiting for a transplant. You can help by adding your name to the Michigan Organ Donor Registry.

Number of Michigan residents waiting for:

Organ/Organs Number of Residents
Kidney 2,281
Liver 355
Heart 142
Lung 95
Kidney/Pancreas 30
Kidney/Liver 21
Other organ combinations 11
TOTAL 2,950

Source: Gift of Life Michigan, July 1, 2019

In Michigan:

  • 2018 number of organs transplanted from Michigan donors: 1,085
  • About 5.2 million people are on the Michigan Organ Donor Registry.
  • 66% of Michigan adults are registered donors, almost three times the percentage of 10 years earlier.
  • Over 90% of donor registrations come through SOS branch offices, with the rest coming from the web and other sources.
  • More than 3,000 people in Michigan are waiting for a life-saving organ transplant.

Source: Gift of Life Michigan and the Michigan Department of State, January 2019


In the United States . . .

  • Every 10 minutes, someone is added to the national transplant waitlist. In all, more than 114,000 people need a life-saving organ transplant.
  • Each day, an average of 95 people receive an organ transplant.
  • Unfortunately, 22 people die each day, on average, because a donor did not become available.
  • More than 145 million people in the United States are signed up to be an organ, tissue and eye donor—sign up and join them.

Source: United Network for Organ Sharing and Donate Life America, January 2019

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