What to expect from Segment 1 Driver Education


Student Eligibility

  • A student must have reached the age of 14 years and 8 months by the first day of Segment 1.

  • Permission from a parent or legal guardian.

Classroom Requirements

  • A minimum of 24 hours of instruction.

  • A maximum of 2 hours of instruction per day.

  • A maximum of 36 students per class (no exception).

  • Home study time is not considered time earned toward the 24-hour classroom requirement.

  • A student must pass the state-approved written test for consideration of a certificate of completion.  The driver education program provider may have additional classroom requirements that must be met to award a certificate including:  attendance, homework and additional testing requirements.  Passing the state test does not guarantee that a student has passed the classroom phase.

Driving Instruction Requirements

  • A minimum of 4 hours of classroom instruction must be completed prior to beginning driving instruction.

  • A minimum of 3 hours of driving instruction must be completed before the last classroom session. The remaining driving instruction must be completed no later than 3 weeks after the final classroom instruction.

  • A minimum of 6 hours of on-the-road driving instruction. A maximum of 2 hours of driving instruction on a multiple vehicle driving facility (range) may be counted toward the 6-hour requirement. However, a student must receive at least 4 hours of on-the-road driving instruction.

  • A maximum of 1 hour of driving instruction per day is allowed

  • The maximum number of students in a driver education vehicle is 4. No more than 2 people can occupy the front seat. In addition, a student will not be given driving instruction individually unless there is written consent from a parent.

  • A student must receive 4 hours or more of observation time in the training vehicle.

Classroom and driving instruction will be integrated and related, which means that the classroom and driving instruction must occur within relatively the same time period.


Parent Driving Permit

A driver education provider may offer a Parent Driving Permit to a student (and parent) to allow him or her to acquire extra practice driving with a parent while attending a Segment 1 course. 



Earning a Segment 1 Certificate of Completion


For students to be issued a Segment 1 certificate of completion from their driver education school they must successfully complete both the classroom AND driving instruction portions of the course, AND the written test.  A student could pass the classroom portion, but fail driver education based on his or her driving skills and not receive a Segment 1 certificate of completion.


The driver education Segment 1 certificate of completion is not a permit to drive and cannot be treated as a driver's license.  After completing Segment 1, the student and parent must go to a Secretary of State branch office to apply for a Level 1 driver's license.