Ordering Information


The following may be ordered by driver testing businesses.

  • Driver Skills Test Certificate, TPT-010

  • Automobile Road Skills Test Score Sheet, TPT-021

  • Driver Skills Test Study Guide, SOS-360

Motorcycle score sheets are no longer printed by the department. Print the Rider Skill Test Score Sheet: 2-wheel or 3-wheel.

CDL score sheets are no longer printed by the department.  Please contact the Driver Programs Section MDOS-drivertesting@Michigan.gov if you require the PDF version of this form.


Your written order must be mailed, faxed or emailed to Inventory Services Section. Your order must include the following information to be processed.

  • Driver testing business name and number;

  • Shipping address (driver skills test certificates are shipped via UPS and will only be shipped to the business mailing address on file with the Driver Programs Section);

  • Name of the designated representative, if ordering driver skills test certificates (only the designated representative may order certificates);

  • The name and number of the form or brochure;

  • The quantity being requested

Inventory Services Section
MDOS Sunset Warehouse
Lansing, Michigan 48917-1806
Phone: 517-371-5284
Fax: 517-316-1621

If the item your testing organization needs to order is not listed on this webpage please contact MDOS-drivertesting@Michigan.gov