Strong and Thriving Communities

Michigan’s communities are strong and thriving.

Safe and healthy environments for Michiganders to live, work and play in means a better quality of life for people of all ages. 
From rural small towns to the largest metropolitan areas, Pure Michigan means different things to different people, but all in a positive way

Gov. Snyder wants all Michiganders to be healthy, productive individuals living in communities with access to affordable, patient-centered health care. 

Healthy Michigan has helped thousands of Michiganders have access to quality healthcare services, and we must continue to ensure all our state’s residents continue to receive these healthcare benefits. 

Gov. Snyder has proposed the creation of a permanent Public Health Advisory Council to help ensure the health of all Michiganders remains a top priority in all government actions, decisions and communications.

Michigan has taken an active role to help save lives by working to combat the opioid epidemic. While we’ve seen progress, we must continue to implement new strategies that focus on opioid abuse prevention and stopping addiction from happening in the first place.

Giving all Michigan youth the opportunity to attend college or receive skilled training is an important step toward helping Michigan’s communities and people thrive.

Gov. Snyder plans to bolster Michigan’s Promise Programs to connect youth with resources to help them receive the skills necessary to be successful in Michigan’s 21st Century workforce and economy.

Project Rising Tide has seen tremendous success with connecting communities with local leaders to develop new strategies for economic prosperity, creating more and better jobs.

The next phase of Project Rising Tide will enable communities that participated in the pilot program “graduate” and mentor neighboring communities, keeping the momentum going on rural economic development.

Addressing increasing financial risks by tackling unfunded and unsustainable liabilities for pensions and retirement health benefits will ensure long-term protection and stability for former, current and future public employees as well as their communities.

Tackling the growing burden of high automotive insurance rates in Michigan will help all Michiganders and make our state more attractive to people considering a move here.

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