Activity: Budgeting for Child Support


Below is a scenario that involves child support. Read the details of the scenario and select the best answer to the questions that follow.

(Note: The amounts in each scenario are approximations. An actual Michigan child support order would require additional information.)

Scenario 2: 

The Mother 

The Father 

The Child 

Age: 18
Housing: Rents
Food: Buys own
Car: None
Works: 30 hours/week at $8/hour
Monthly Income: $960
Taxes (25% of gross income):  $960 x .25 = $240
Child Support (Approximately 14% of gross income): $960 x .14 =

Age: 17
Housing: Lives with parents
Food: Parents provide
Car: None
Works: Has no income
Monthly Income: $0
Taxes (25% of gross income): $0
Child Support (Approximately 14% of gross income): $0 x .14 =

Age: 19 months old (in diapers)

Lives: With father

How much child support would the non-custodial parent pay per month? (Note: For child support amount, multiply each parent's monthly income by 14%.)


Which of the parents will be ordered to pay child support? 

 The mother
 The father
 The mother and father

Each month, the non-custodial parent pays $400 for rent and utilities, $100 for food, and $50 for general expenses. (General expenses may include: diapers, baby furniture and/or clothes when the child stays with you, cable television, public transportation, cell phone, movie tickets, video games, clothes, hair/nails, and/or chips/candy/magazines.) 

Use paper and pencil or a calculator to figure out how much money the non-custodial parent will have left after paying the bills. 

When you are finished, click "Answers." 

Total the expenses: 

Child support ordered              




General expenses     

Total monthly expenses   

Subtract expenses from income: 

Total monthly income             

Total monthly expenses  

Remaining money




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