Friend of the Court Questions and Answers

The Friend of the Court is part of the family division of the circuit court and enforces court orders for child support and visitation. Below are some commonly asked questions about child support orders and the Friend of the Court.

What can be included in the support order?

In addition to an amount to provide for the regular weekly expenses of a child, Michigan law requires a child support order to include an amount for the child's medical/health care expenses, and allows the order to include an amount for child care and educational expenses.

How can I change my child support order?

A parent ordered to pay or receive child support has the right to ask for a review of the support amount. Michigan law provides that parents may request a support review once every 36 months for Michigan child support orders. The review is conducted by the court.

What happens when the Friend of the Court reviews support?

When the court reviews support, it notifies the parents that it is conducting a review and asks both parents for proof of income. The court uses the Michigan Child Support Formula Manual guidelines to determine the support amount based on the parents' incomes. The court must use this formula to calculate support, although it may recommend that support be set at a different amount if it determines that support should not be based on the parents' actual incomes or that use of the formula would be unjust or inappropriate.

The court notifies the parents whether support should be increased or decreased, or if it should stay the same. Notice of a proposed change must be provided to the parents at least 30 days before a hearing is held to change the support amount.

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