Unit 5: Financial and Medical Support

Goal: To understand parental responsibilities for support.*

Parents must financially support their children. In Michigan, when a child receives public assistance, or the parents/guardian of the child request a court order for child support, the family court generally orders the non-custodial parent to provide child support. The court order will direct the non-custodial parent to provide child support to the custodial parent, or to the guardian, or to the state if the child receives public assistance.

This unit consists of the following sections:

  • Financial and Medical Support.

  • How Is the Amount of Child Support Determined?

  • Friend of the Court Questions and Answers.

  • The Michigan Child Support Formula.

  • What Happens If the Non-Custodial Parent Does Not Pay Child Support?

* The source for Unit 5 information is the State Court Administrative Office (SCAO). The Michigan Supreme Court oversees the Friend of the Court offices through the SCAO. 

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