Timing and Becoming a Parent

An hourglass

It is not simply the pregnancy or disadvantaged backgrounds that cause the many problems experienced by teen parents. It's the timing. If more teenagers would first complete their education, then secure employment, marry and establish stable home lives before becoming parents, everyone would benefit.

While many teen parents are economically disadvantaged and behind in school before having a child, research also indicates teen parents have a greater likelihood of:

  • Dropping out of high school.

  • Lower economic productivity.

  • Greater reliance on public assistance.

  • Higher rates of poverty.

  • Single parenthood.

This underscores the strong connection between teen parenthood and many other important social issues - marriage being just one of them. Simply put, if more children were born to parents who were ready and able to care for them, this nation would see a significant reduction in a host of social problems - from school failure to poverty.

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