The Effects of Unplanned Pregnancy (continued)

Two young children wearing backpacks and holding hands.

The majority of children from unplanned pregnancies are raised in single-parent households, and generally, children who are raised in single-parent families face a number of challenges.

When compared to similar children who grow up with married parents, children in single-parent families:

  • Have lower grade-point averages.

  • Have poorer school attendance records.

  • Are twice as likely to drop out of high school.

  • Are less likely to attend or complete college. 

  • Are 2.5 times as likely to become teen parents.

  • Are 1.4 times as likely to be both out of school and out of work.

  • Are 5 times more likely to be poor.

  • Have higher rates of divorce as adults.

Reducing unplanned pregnancy will bring significant benefits to women, men, children, families, and society in general. When parents plan for children, they can work together to provide emotional and cognitive support, love, and nurturing, all of which are essential in healthy childhood development.

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