What Does Michigan Do to Assist Parents?


When parents do not live together, it is important that they work together to support their child. Michigan's child support program can help parents to establish a financial partnership.

The Department of Human Services' Office of Child Support contracts with the Friend of the Court and the Prosecuting Attorney offices in each county to deliver child support services in Michigan. Each partner agency plays a critical role in providing child support services.

What Is Child Support? 

Child support is money a parent pays to help meet his/her child's needs when the parent is not living with the child.

How Do Parents Receive Child Support? 

Parents can receive help in establishing paternity, as well as obtaining and enforcing child support and medical support, by applying for services with the Michigan child support program.

Prosecuting Attorney Duties 

Friend of the Court Duties 

Establishing paternity.

Enforcing the child support orders.

Establishing a child support order.

Working on parenting time and custody arrangements.

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