OPT regularly interviews state employees about how their jobs
    are transforming the state of Michigan. Watch the video below for
    a recent example.

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    The Office of Performance and Transformation (OPT) promotes continuous improvement, uniform understanding, and interagency sychronization across state
    agencies by leveraging shared purpose, enhanced processes, and empowering people.




    Check out OPT's FY18 Annual Report, which includes an overview of OPT's journey in FY18, highlights of accomplishments, interactions with organizations outside the State of Michigan, and recommendations
    for FY19.




    The Office of Good Government (OGG) creates and shares leading practices to transform the culture and performance of the executive branch. 
    The Office of Internal Audit Services (OIAS) enhances and protects organizational value by providing departments with risk-based, objective and reliable assurance, advice, and insight.

    The Office of Interagency Initiatives (OI2) achieves strategic outcomes identified by the Executive Office through an accountability framework that promotes interagency collaboration and shared understanding.

    The Office of Regulatory Reinvention (ORR) is in charge of overseeing the administrative rulemaking process for each department in the State of Michigan.
    The Office of Continuous Improvement (OCI) leverages Lean techniques to help State of Michigan employees improve their work and improve citizens’ experience with state government.

    OPT Performance 

    OPT tracks customer satisfaction and employee engagement. See our scorec​ard.​​​


    Harvard Case Study

    OPT was selected as the subject of "Relentlessly Engaged," a Harvard case study developed for the 2018 National Association of State Chief Administrators Institute of Management and Leadership in Omaha, NE.