• Department of Treasury

    Measuring Performance

    Review performance levels and trends by downloading the current Treasury Scorecard.
  • Our Aspiration

    Michigan Treasury will become the best operated treasury department in the United States, and the State's thought leader on all tax and revenue issues.

    Best Operated has 3 building blocks:

    • Engaged Employees - everything starts with the active participation of all 1,500 employees.
    • Developing a practice of continuous improvement - all employees need the tools, and the expectation that every day they will come to work, do their work, IMPROVE their work.
    • Create a culture of taxpayer service - including a speedy response to taxpayer inquiries, consistency of answers, transparency of decision making, and simplicity of compliance. The goal is to move from a culture of enforcement to one of taxpayer service.

    To become the State's thought leader of all tax and revenue issues requires:

    • Innovative solutions to complex policy problems
    • Accurate forecasting of the state's economy and revenues
    • A deep understanding of all proposed legislation


    Underlying everything are 5 key values:

    • The broad concept of Taxpayer Service in all we do - always ask "What is the impact on Taxpayers from our actions?"
    • As a department our goal is fair and efficient administration of the tax system - not maximum revenue collection at all costs
    • We want to be metric driven - measure where we want to go, and if we are making timely progress toward our goals
    • Think outside our department. Use benchmarks and best-in-class whenever possible to help us find innovative solutions
    • Finally, communicate and celebrate successes