Return to Child Care: What to Expect, March 19, 2021

Date:  March 19, 2021  
Time:  11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Return to Child Care: What to Expect

As we transition back into work, offices and schools, many parents are making decisions about child care. Join us for this live Q&A with pediatricians and child care providers for parents - and and get the answers you need to feel confident returning your children to child care. Hosted by the Michigan Women's Commission, Early Childhood Investment Corp and Zero to Thrive Michigan Medicine. 

Watch full recording of the event.

Our panel of experts:

  • Andrew Hashikawa, MD, Michigan Medicine
    Andrew Hashikawa
  • Angeliek Lopez, Early Childhood Investment Corporation
    Angeliek Lopez
  • Alisha Meneely, Michigan Women's Commission (Moderator)
    Alisha Meneely
  • Monique Snyder, Brainiacs Clubhouse Child Development Center
    Monique Snyder
  • Sharon Swindell, MD, MPH, FAAP, Michigan Medicine
    Sharon Swindell