After Graduation

Post Placement: 

Applicants are asked to submit three preferred post locations when receiving their conditional offer of employment with their most preferred as number one. Every effort is made to fulfill their request while balancing the personnel needs of the agency. Applicants will receive their post assignment in their Appointment Letter.

Field Training Officer Program: 

After graduation, recruits become probationary troopers and are assigned to posts across the state. Each new trooper is assigned to a Field Training Officer (FTO) at the post and accompanies the FTO on all his/her assignments and shifts. The FTO program has a total of three phases. 

A Trooper's Pledge: 

I am a Michigan State Trooper, entrusted to keep sacred the traditions of my department. I will always serve honestly and faithfully, surrendering my life for others if necessary. When I am called upon to act, I will not shy from conflict or deviate from my call to duty, serving anyone who may be in peril or distress. I will obey the laws of Michigan, the United States of America and the directives of my department. I will not consider race, color, or creed when enforcing the law. I will perform my duties with excellence, integrity and courtesy, and conduct myself in a manner that honors those who served before me. I am a Michigan State Trooper.