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Recruiters are an excellent resource for prospective applicants. In addition to providing their own unique experiences, recruiters help guide applicants through the selection process and are available to answer any question or meet one-on-one to discuss what it means to become a trooper, motor carrier officer (MCO), or state properties security officer (SPSO). Prospective applicants are also encouraged to contact the Recruiting and Selection Section at 517-636-4563 or send an e-mail to


District 1

Recruiter Location Phone Email
Tpr. Tedric Gibbs Lansing Post 517-322-1907 
Tpr. Marco Jones Lansing Post 517-322-1907
Tpr. Brian Buege Lansing Post 269-767-0982
Tpr. Dan Bowman Jackson Post 517-962-8067
Tpr. Brian Kinaschuk Jackson Post 517-780-4580
Tpr. Tressa Duffin Monroe Post 734-777-6786
MC Ofcr. Robert Lechtanski Brighton Post 810-227-1051
MC Ofcr. Zachary Hamilton Brighton Post 810-227-1051
MC Ofcr. Michael Morey Lansing Post 517-332-1912
MC Ofcr. Steve Frizzell Monroe Post 734-242-3500


District 2 

Recruiter Location Phone Email
Tpr. Marjorie Phillips 2nd District HQ 313-790-0346
Tpr. Austin DeClercq Metro South Post 734-287-5000
Tpr. Mark Kellar Metro North Post 248-584-5740
Tpr. Carmen Maskey Metro North Post 248-584-5740
MC Ofcr. Joel Chester Metro North Post 248-584-5740
MC Ofcr. David Willett Metro North Post 248-584-5740 


District 3 

Recruiter Location Phone Email
Tpr. Amy Belanger Flint Post 810-732-1111
Tpr. Steve Kramer Flint Post 810-732-1111
Tpr. Gerald Bockhausen Lapeer Post 810-665-2905
Tpr. Jeffrey Devine West Branch Post 989-390-9178
Sgt. Harry Rice Caro Post 989-673-2157
Tpr. Mike Darrow Tri-City Post 989-495-5555
Tpr. Mark Swales Caro Post 989-673-2156
MC Ofcr. Brian Wazny Flint Post 810-732-1111


District 5

Recruiter Location Phone Email
Sgt. Victor Rodgers Niles Post 269-683-4411
Tpr. Benjamin A Mahaffie Niles Post 269-683-4411
Tpr. Holly Higgs Niles Post 269-683-4411
Tpr. Jesse Binns Niles Post 269-683-4411
Tpr. Anthony Adams Wayland Post 269-792-2213
Tpr. Cecil Vashaw Wayland Post 269-792-2213
Tpr. Kristi Angelo Marshall Post 269-558-0500
Tpr. Kyle Bowers Marshall Post 269-558-0500
Tpr. Martha Byl Marshall Post 269-558-0500
Tpr. Peter Melvin Marshall Post 269-558-0500
Tpr. Jereme Miller Marshall Post 269-558-0500
Tpr. Kyle Sherwood Marshall Post 269-558-0500
Tpr. Kellie Shaffer Paw Paw Post 269-657-5551 
Tpr. Alan Fitzpatrick Paw Paw Post 269-657-5551
Tpr. Daniel Mehari Paw Paw Post 269-657-5551
MC Sgt. Nicholas Asmus Niles Post 269-683-4411


District 6

Recruiter Location Phone Email
Tpr. Martin Miller Rockford Post 616-866-4411
Tpr. Chris Gerard Rockford Post 616-866-4411
Tpr. Mike White Mt. Pleasant Post 989-621-6266
Tpr. Robert M. Glentz  Mt. Pleasant Post 989-773-5951
Tpr. Mark Fisher Lakeview Post 989-352-8444
Tpr. Dan Thomas Hart Post 231-873-2171
MC Ofcr. Dan Priebe Lakeview Post 989-352-8444
MC Ofcr. Jason Zylstra Rockford Post  616-866-4411


District 7 

Recruiter Location Phone Email
Sgt. Travis House Seventh District HQ 989-705-3810
Tpr. Ron Rabineau Gaylord Post 989-732-5141
Tpr. Corey Hebner Gaylord Post 989-732-2778
Tpr. Ronald Nadeau Gaylord Post 989-732-2778
Tpr. Ben Eckola Gaylord Post 989-732-2778
Tpr. Ashley Simpson Alpena Post 989-354-4101
Tpr. Joshua Henderson Alpena Post 989-354-4101
Tpr. Rich Hall Cadillac Post 231-779-6040
Tpr. Tyler Harrell Cadillac Post         231-779-6040
Tpr. Ariel Burrington Cadillac Post 231-779-6040
Tpr. Shelley Izzard Cadillac Post 231-779-6040
Tpr. Douglas Baumann Houghton Lake Post 989-422-5103
Tpr. Grant Guzikowski Houghton Lake Post 989-422-5103
MC Ofcr. Josh Roll Cadillac Post 517-227-1828


District 8 

Recruiter Location Phone Email
Sgt. Mark Giannunzio Sault Ste. Marie Post 906-298-1205
Tpr. Jerome Mazurek Wakefield Post 906-229-5372
Tpr. Matt Djerf Calumet Post 906-337-5145
Tpr. Andy Rigling 8th District HQ 906-236-1032
Tpr. Dale Hongisto Gladstone Post 906-280-7902
Tpr. Nathan Grenfell Sault Ste. Marie Post 906-293-5152
Tpr. Geno Basanese Iron Mountain Post 906-280-6105
Tpr. Jacob Mundy Iron Mountain Post 906-280-6105
Tpr. Stacey Rasanen Negaunee Post 906-235-3761
MC Inv.. Jennifer Stolberg 8th District HQ 906-203-9983
MC Ofcr. Geoffrey Guthrie St. Ignace Post 906-643-7582