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Questions about MICR should be directed to your representatives listed below: 

Monica Jenkins, Manager (JenkinsM9@michigan.gov) 517-284-3316

  • Vendor Testing

Cherish Nunez, Departmental Specialist, (NunezC@michigan.gov) 517-284-3144

  • MICR Specification Changes
  • National Incident Based Reporting System
  • Tribal Agencies

Garret Strong, Departmental Analyst, (StrongG2@michigan.gov) 517-284-3146

  • Quality Assurance Reviews
  • Training

Nicholas Dowker, Departmental Analyst, (DowkerN1@michigan.gov) 517-284-3145

Raymone Gude, Departmental Technician, (GudeR@michigan.gov) 517-284-3317

  • Counties 1 - 49
  • Most In Population Cities:  Grand Rapids, Lansing
  • Law Enforcement Officers Killed or Assaulted

Laura Blackmer (Hehrer), Departmental Technician, (Hehrerl1@michigan.gov) 517-284-3163

  • Counties 50 - 83
  • Most In Population Cities:  Ann Arbor, Clinton Township, Detroit, Sterling Heights, Warren
  • CLEMIS Agencies
  • Hate/Bias Reports

MICR Testing and Certification

All agencies must go through the testing and certification process when changing records management system (RMS) vendors. If your current vendor installs a major upgrade, you may also need to test your MICR files.

Data Analysis and Reporting Unit

Wendy Easterbrook (EasterbrookW@michigan.gov) 517-284-3326

Denise Barnes (BarnesD2@michigan.gov) 517-614-4048

  • MSP Dashboard Specialist