Can a caregiver work in a licensed provisioning center, grow operation or other licensed facility and retain their caregiver status under MMMA?

Grower and processor facility licensees are required under the MMFLA to have at least two years’ experience as a caregiver or have an active employee with that experience (this requirement ends on 12/31/21). However, a licensed grower or processor may not be registered as a caregiver and may not employ a registered caregiver.

Secure transporters cannot be registered patients or caregivers.

The MMFLA does not prohibit provisioning center and safety compliance facility licensees from being registered as patients or caregivers under the MMMA, nor does it prohibit these facilities from employing patients or caregivers.

A licensee or an employee must submit the form to cancel their caregiver status within five business days. If a new employee is a caregiver, that person has 5 business days from their date of hire to submit the form to cancel caregiver status. The withdrawal form can be found at the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program website.