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    I'm a current/prospective medical marijuana patient. Should I go to a third-party business to get/renew my registry identification card? Can my application and physician certification serve as a temporary registration card?

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Helpful Information

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    For inquiries regarding the new medical marijuana facility licensing and regulation program, please email LARA-MedicalMarijuana@michigan.gov or visit their website at www.michigan.gov/mmfl.

  • Regarding Applications

    Only send one complete application and then wait for a response from our office. If you submit duplicate applications or miscellaneous supporting documents, the processing of your application may be delayed or your application may be denied.

  • When to Follow Up

    If you submitted an application more than five (5) weeks ago and have not received a response from our office, please call 517-284-6400.

  • Medical Marihuana Review Panel

    Medical Marihuana Review Panel

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