Reports to Legislature & Governor

  • Reports to the Legislature & Governor

    Certain statutes mandate the MPSC's provision of various reports to the Governor and Legislature. Many of these reports are submitted on a recurring basis.  Click below for the list of documents.

Reports to Legislature & Governor

Other MPSC Reports

  • Other MPSC Reports

    In support of the mission of ensuring safe, reliable, and accessible energy and telecommunications services at reasonable rates, MPSC Staff prepares reports relevant to consumer issues, regulatory concerns, and cases before the Commission. 

Other MPSC Reports

Utility Compliance Reports

3rd Party Studies & Reports

  • 3rd Party Studies & Reports

    External agencies occasionally conduct studies and create reports relating to issues important to the MPSC. A catalog of these can be found here.

3rd Party Studies & Reports


MPSC Forms

  • Forms

    Applications, worksheets, and forms for permitting, registration, financial reporting, and compliance are compiled here.

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