Defaulted Student Loans

  • Defaulted Loan Rehabilitation and Good Standing

    Being in default has serious consequences. Learn how to bring your loan back into good standing.

  • Student loan default occurs on a Federal Family Education Loan Program loan after 270 days of missed payments. Borrowers with loans in default should immediately contact the Michigan Guaranty Agency at 800-642-5626.
  • Consequences of Default

    Avoid the consequences of default! Learn just a few of the consequences of not repaying your loan obligations.

Make a payment on my defaulted loan

  • MGA Web Advisor MGA Web Advisor

    MGA offers the option to make on-line payments on your defaulted student loan being collected in-house. By clicking on the Michigan Guaranty Agency Web Advisor link, you will be able to make a one-time payment or enroll for recurring monthly payments. This method is free, safe, and secure.

    In order to make a payment you will need to log on to the Michigan Guaranty Agency Web Advisor. First-time users are asked to select a User ID and password. Once you have entered the site, click on the Make A Payment tab and begin the process. Instructions will be provided and you will be directed to the payment website in order to facilitate the payment. Each site will have its own User ID and password; please document the log-in and password information for each.

    The Web Advisor provides account information to borrowers whose loans are in repayment with their lenders as well as to borrowers whose loans have defaulted and are now in collections. It provides information on your loan balance and gives contact information for the holder or servicer of your loan. If your loan is not in default, it will also provide information on options that may be available to you to defer your loan payments.

MI-LOAN Program

  • MI-LOAN Program

    If you have a defaulted Michigan Alternative Student Loan (MI-LOAN) Program loan, please contact their office at 888-643-7521.