The Lead Services Section serves to improve the wellbeing of Michigan citizens by promoting safe and healthy environments through multifaceted child, health, and home-based intervention programs, which include public education, community outreach, and collaborations with state and national partners.

This program helps families identify and remove lead hazards from homes for eligible property owners statewide.
The Community Development Unit provides grant funds, technical assistance and oversight of lead hazard control services to local communities. The purpose of this Unit is to expand lead hazard control in Michigan through community development. 
Mission: To prevent childhood lead poisoning across the state through surveillance, outreach and health services.
Vision: No child in Michigan suffers from lead poisoning.
MDHHS-CLPPP@michigan.gov Office: 517-335-8885
Lead and Water Program 
The Lead and Water Program focuses on residential lead hazard identification and education within Lead in Water Action Level Exceedance (ALE) communities. The program helps to identify and educate families on potential lead hazards from paint, dust, soil, water, and household items in their homes through lead inspections, risk assessments, and lead in water sampling. These environmental investigations are conducted by certified professionals at no cost to eligible homeowners. 
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To safeguard Michigan residents from exposure to lead-based hazards by strengthening primary prevention, verification of work practice compliance, and providing certification and accreditation. With a focus on establishing functional relationships between our sections, contractors, and outside vendors; we aim to improve compliance, quality, and the overall landscape of lead hazard control.

Certifying lead professionals through education and administering state certification exams. 
Works to increase the number of certified lead professionals in the State of Michigan. 
Monitoring lead abatement practices throughout the state through scheduled enforcement cases, tips, and complaints. 
Provides educational and technical assistance to all certified lead abatement professionals throughout the state. 
Quality Assurance
Ensure that processes and services conducted through the Lead Services Section and Lead Certification and Compliance Assurance Section meet departmental goals. 
Develop and maintain strong quality control of services provided to the certified professionals and the public to ensure strong overall quality and reliability. 
Do you have concerns about lead-based paint work you have seen?
If you see work being performed on an older home and you do not think it is being done right, contact our team at HHSInfo@michigan.gov

Notifying our team is important because the home may contain lead-based paint and the work could harm the occupants of the home and surrounding neighbors. Please provide as much information as possible about the work including: 

  • What is the address where work is being performed? Apartment number? 
  • What work is being done? (painting, replacing windows or doors, etc.)
  • What do you feel is not being done correctly? 
  • Who is doing the work, if known? (name, phone, address, company, email)
  • How long or what dates was the work being performed? 
Contact the Lead Certification and Compliance Assurance Section
Grand Tower Building
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PO Box 30037
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Toll Free: 866-691-5323
Fax: 517-284-9956